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Megabuyte Quoted 25 – the largest European tech stocks


Research provider Megabuyte asked us to speak at their Megabuyte Quoted 25 Showcase Forum today, to join a panel on attracting “the right investors”. Readers of our Insights will know this is a favourite topic.

It is widely acknowledged that the European tech sector is tiny compared to the US market, but by our count we have 14 stocks with a market value in excess of $10 billion. The list might surprise you, and in particular few people are even aware of ASML, the close to $60bn champion of the semiconductor equipment market.

30 June 2017, largest listed European shares ranked by US dollar market capitalisation

If you are aspiring to join the $10bn+ club, of if we’ve missed you from the list, do get in touch.


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Megabuyte Quoted 25 Forum

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