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Agile Performance Management was set up by award-winning technology equity analyst Andrew Griffin to bring big-cap best-practice to growth businesses.

Your strategy is right but we help make it run better, faster, more profitably.

We often work in situations where a company is undergoing growth transformation, after a big recruitment or investment phase, and after raising money or in anticipation of the next raise.

We make the C-Suite look great and boards love how we improve reporting.

Latest insights

Cash flow for entrepreneurs part 1 – profit vs cash

Most start-ups fail, and the second most commonly cited reason for failure is running out of cash. One reason for this is that while it is easy to project losses and, hopefully, future profits, it is not so trivial to calculate cash flow. And cash flow us usually (but not always) worse than accounting loss […]

Cash flow for entrepreneurs part II – raising vs generating cash

In your dealings with potential investors it’s important to differentiate between the cash you have raised so far from shareholders, and the cash generated (or initially consumed) by the business. PREVIOUS     NEXT

What our clients say

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    "Thanks for your hard work and invaluable contribution. The response we are seeing from analysts and investors speaks volumes about the quality of the analysis and presentation that went into this."

    Brian McArthur-Muscroft, CFO Paysafe PLC
  • "Oakhall brings intellectual rigour and more importantly, firm opinions to all our work together. I value and trust their opinions which are based on experience as well as the analysis of our business and marketplace. They also make a valuable contribution towards how we communicate to customers and other stakeholders and I like them immensely."

    Martina King, CEO, Featurespace
  • Andrew is my go-to guy for informed guidance on current investor and analyst thinking on financial reporting and disclosure issues. Ultimately, I want my company's financial reports to be informative and helpful for shareholders and other readers; Andrew helps me get there.

    CFO, AIM listed technology company